I'm an Interaction Designer based in San Francisco, CA, with over nine years of experience with Visual Design. I believe in the power of design to promote change and solve problems, by applying a user-centered approach and attention to the details that craft a good experience and tell a good story.

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This is an MVP version of this site. I'll be adding more content and improving the overall experience for users in the upcoming weeks. In the meantime, feel free to write me some feedback here.​


Interaction Design
Design Research | UX | Visual Design | Prototyping

Product designed to make people's commute more productive by combining their To-Do list with the ETA.

Design Research | System Thinking | UX | Visual Design | Prototyping

A system to help people with diabetes live a more seamless life.

Design Research | UX | Visual Design | Prototyping

A group-forming platform designed to help address loneliness among college students.

Design Research | System Thinking | UX | Visual Design | Prototyping

Interactive campaign to raise awareness and to encourage behavior changes to help mitigate the effects of Global Warming.

Design Research | UX | Visual Design | Prototyping

A redesigned Emergency Room check-in experience using AI to provide better feedback and less waiting time for patients.

Design Research | UX | Visual Design | Prototyping

An inspirational project with the goal to imagine how would the ideal airline be, with a focus on traveling with pets.

Product | UI | Branding | Entrepreneurship

A product launched while in college.
A teachers' rating website that was developed under the students' mindset.

Product | UI | Branding | Entrepreneurship

A healthcare product that gathers all medical information of a patient, making it easy and secure to be consulted and shared.

Visual Design
Visual Design | Branding | Visual Systems | Social Media

Visual identity; communication systems for Flamengo (Brazil's biggest soccer team). 

Visual Design | Typography | Poster Design

Typographic Posters is a personal project to explore the use of typography in the form of musical posters.

Visual Design | Production Design | TV Production

Some of the props and graphics designed for a sitcom that I work on the production design.

Visual Design | Typography | Visual Systems | Silkscreen

A collection of posters that visually represents some of the most important and influential sentences of history.

Visual Design | Accessibility | User Research 

Redesign of the billing visual system, with the goal to increase readability and understanding, especially to people with some level of illiteracy.



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