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C. R. Flamengo is Brazil's biggest soccer club, with 40 million fans. I designed the club's visual communication system for three years, and was involved in special projects such as the historical redesign of Flamengo official symbols and brand. During this period, Flamengo became the number 1 American club in social media, with over 20MM followers.

Visual Identity System 2018


Since the beginning of 2016, we started designing a specific visual identity system for Flamengo's social media channels, that would change every year. It was a complex challenge, as it involves creating a consistent visual system that lasts one year, being used daily in thousands of postings. It should be flexible enough to fit every different and particular type of media/posting, while consistent enough to work as a system.
It should always feel like the "Flamengo spirit", being bold, popular and strong. Bellow are some examples of the identity system for 2018.

Research + Challenge

Visual Identity System 2017


Institutional Visual Identity Redesign

Soccer teams are extremely traditionalists when it comes to their visual heritage, especially in Brazil. Until 2018, Flamengo has officially changed its symbols only twice, in over 100 years. There's a lot of history and emotional connection between the symbols and the club's fans. I worked with Fabio Lopez (who led this project) in the redesign of the official symbols and overall institutional visual identity. A complex project, with the goal to fix some technical/typographic inconsistencies and give Flamengo a fresher look, while respecting the visual history of the club.

I was particularly involved in the creation of the Graphic Standards Manual, the development of the visual system, internal presentation that led to the approval of the project, and the creation of the official presentation video of the project.



For the 121st anniversary, 121 articles were written telling the most remarkable moments and people of Flamengo's history. To display all this content in a chronological and engaging way, a special website was developed.

Also, there were posted 121 posts on the club's social media channels, representing the most remarkable moments and people of Flamengo's history. Here are some of them: