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Some of the props and graphics designed for a TV Show ('Mister Brau' - a sitcom, produced and broadcasted by TV Globo, Brazil's number 1 TV network) I work on the production design for the first three seasons.

As stated in an article in The Guardian, "Brazilian television slowly confronts country's deeply entrenched race issues. Mister Brau features a black couple known as Brazil’s Jay Z and Beyoncé in the lead roles – an unprecedented move in a country whose majority black population has long been sidelined in its leading leisure-time industry."

Below are some of the props and graphics designed:

On a particular episode of the sitcom, the main characters were addicted to their smartphahis episode that transmitted this exaggerated use of smartphones and social media.


I was responsible for creating all the visual interfaces that appear on the show, as well as directing the motion graphics for them. Bellow, there is a 1-minute video showing some of the results.

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