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CarrascoMamata is a product launched with three friends in college. It is a teachers' rating website that was developed under the students' mindset, trying to address their specific needs.

The product went viral (with 10,000 users signing up organically on the first day) and is still very popular, with over one million ratings registered by users.


It was a valid experience in understanding the users' needs and how to build a brand and a product for them. In this case, we understood that the brand, as well as the UX,  should not feel like something official and boring, it should feel like they were chatting with other students in the hall. In a natural, informal, and quick way. This idea guided the whole development of the product, starting with the informal rating system itself, which uses some specific Portuguese terms used by students to identify if the class of a teacher is easy or difficult.


The team:

Rafael Dahis, Igor Blumberg , Felipe Frajhof, and myself.

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