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Rio Easy Bill is a redesign of the billing visual system, with the goal to increase readability and understanding, especially catered to people with some level of illiteracy.

Over 70% of Brazilians have some level of illiteracy (they either have reading difficulties or they can not understand what they read) and not fully understand the bills they get. Marcela Setton , Peter de Albuquerque, and I researched they reality, by visiting some 'favelas' (slums) and talking with people who live there. We were able to better understand their needs and how they interact with their bills.

From that research, we designed a new visual system with a clearer hierarchy and organized information - services categorized by distinct colors and identified by exclusive pictograms. The most important pieces of information (what really matters to people) are placed on the top of the bill (highlighting it from the rest of the information).​

The project also offers My Easy Calendar, which helps and encourage users to manage and keep track of their monthly expenses. The proposed bills also come with detachable sections, that makes the process of bank payments easier and can be kept as a summary of the most important information in each bill.


Project selected in the highlight category of the Design Week - PUC Rio University.

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