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Keep it Cool — progress #01

This post’s objective is to relate the progress done so far in the Keep it Cool project. Here is a summary of what have been done this last week:


Design Brief 

How might we create awareness and encourage people to act against global warming?

Climate change is an urgent problem that we all should be addressing. But it is still a not very known topic, with a lot of uncertainties (ranging from the questioning if it is real at all to how can each one act to help solve it). By creating the “Keep it Cool” campaign, our goal is to address all these questions and challenge people to act upon it, by making the topic mainstream.

The final deliverables are yet to be defined, but they should help create awareness and actual change in people’s behavior. It should be an interactive campaign, not only consisted of advertising materials (one-way communication) but also with ways to get people involved (multiple-way communication), like creating neighborhoods contests, for example.

Project’s timeline:

Week 01 Research (findings, insights, and synthesis)

Week 02 Ideation + rapid prototyping

Week 03 Testing + Iteration of prototypes

Week 04 Polishing up + Final testing + final deliverable


Last week I engaged in a rapid ideation sprint, facilitated by Kate Rutter, that made this project move forward in interesting directions.

We started defining “the molecule”, which is the basic structure of the problem (and how are we proposing to address it).

Then we created a provisional persona, that guided the ideation process.

Finally, we created 10 different scenarios/use cases, that show different concepts of potential features, and how they may help address the issue.

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